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Each summer, international students make preparations for their journey to the U.S. to begin their academic studies. Once settled on campus, students should take advantage of freshman orientation to start their school year off on the right foot.


Orientation week



Orientation Week (O-Week) is a program of social and academic activities designed to introduce students to life and study at University. O-Week is generally held twice a year in Semester 1 and 2 the week before classes to help students settle into UQlife before the academic year begins.


O-Week offers social events, sporting activities and study and support programs to help familiarise students with their campus, help them meet people and feel prepared for the year ahead.


As international students prepare to attend their school’s freshman orientation, here are a few things to keep in mind.


1 / 不要害怕提出问题

students will get to meet faculty and “loads of allies who are in administration such as your academic adviser, your international student adviser, the entire team in the international student office.

学生们在迎新会上会见到教师和 大量的行政管理盟友,如你的学术顾问,你的国际学生顾问,国际学生办公室的整个团队。

Orientation is the perfect time to ask questions about the essentials of your new life on campus, from transportation to campus security to banking.


At orientation, international students will likely be a part of a small group, and get undivided attention, be able to ask any and every question. So don’t be shy.


2 / 至少参加一次交流会

International students can attend mixers during orientation week to meet other students and grow their social circles.


Mixers are great icebreakers and a great way of meeting new people whom you might never have an opportunity to meet in the classroom setting.


Mixers can help students make new connections on campus and are the best way to integrate into a new school community and feel a sense of belonging.


3 / 参加校园参观活动


While many universities have virtual campus tours on their websites, students can plan on attending an in-person tour once they physically arrive on campus.


Orientation campus tours are very important because they help students locate classroom buildings and familiarize themselves with other important venues such as gyms, student activity centers and other resources.


4 / 参加学校体育活动

While sports may not be your favorite pastime, sporting events are good ways to meet other people.


You may not be interested in attending a university sports event, but realize during orientation that this is one of the best ways to embed yourself into your new community.


Attending school sports events can help make a student feel more connected to their school, experience the school spirit, meet alums and feel a sense of pride of belonging to your institution.



1 / 时差

Jet lag is to be expected as students make their way to a new country, but experts suggest planning accordingly.


If possible, plan your arrival to allow some time to adjust to a new time zone. Feeling tired and overwhelmed is normal, so expect the adjustment process to take some time. Students can reduce the effects of jet lag by eating at regular mealtimes and drinking plenty of water.


2 / 别错过课程注册

Classes can fill up fast, and missing course registration may cause a student to lose out on a needed or desired class.


Most of the time, freshmen get the worst slots and most courses are already full by your registration time.


To make the most of your slot, experts recommends having a list of all the classes you want to take and at least five additional classes, and to share it with your academic adviser for feedback.


3 / 不要在学校书店购买所有书籍

College textbooks in the U.S. can be expensive! College bookstores offer a few different options for obtaining the required materials for each course. This can include buying brand new books, buying used books or renting books for the semester.


Students can borrow textbooks from the school library or buy books online. Students can shop around for the best price. Just be sure to check the ISBN to avoid purchasing the incorrect edition.


Not buying physical books if not required by your professors. Ask seniors if you can borrow theirs, or see if the library has free copies.


4 / 不要只和新生或中国的同学交朋友


Students in their sophomore, junior or senior year have more experience and can offer first-year students great advice and insights on navigating school.


American campuses are known for their diversity and that students from other countries offer new perspectives.


Creating relationships with students who are native to the U.S. will give you a broader exposure to U.S. culture and help to expand your perspective.


5 / 不要只听取其他同学的建议


A school’s international student office is the best resource for all questions an international student may have.


Students may receive incorrect information from their peers on important aspects of maintaining their visa status. Students should always check with a school official for questions about employment, full-time course load and travel.


6 / 不要参与不足或参与过度学校活动

Being underinvolved can keep a student from gaining the full international student experience, but experts recommend not going overboard, either. Instead, create balance when it comes to involvement in school-related activities.


Overscheduling yourself too much the first year and not creating space in your life and calendar for the initiatives, conversations, classes or ideas that might come up that you may otherwise not have time to enjoy.


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